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a.e.s. International Consultants Inc. is a resource organization of expertise and technology offering services in all aspects of the industry. Their knowledge is limitless because of their access to experienced and well-trained personnel in the industry.

The company provides a wide variety of services:



  • Turnkey Development
  • Project Feasibility
  • Development as Requested
  • Acquiring Financing
  • Long-term and Temporary Management
  • Marketing and Promotion
  • Corporate Planning
  • New Concepts
  • Acquisitions



  • Accounting and Control System
  • Computerized Control System
  • Human Resource Utilization
  • Management training and Motivation
  • Staff Training and Motivation
  • Purchasing and Budget Planning System
  • Menu Planning and Development
  • Employee Placement
  • Operational Audits


a.e.s. International Consultants Inc. enjoys a long association and working relationship with architects (www.laolson.com), interior designers, new and used equipment suppliers, computer technologists, accountants, builders (www.lugoconst.com), and marketing and promotional organizations. Their expertise is available to the company to draw on, as required, to provide a wide base and expert know-how to almost all individual engagements.

a.e.s. International Consultants Inc.
Ph. (204) 889-7943 Fx. (204) 837-7166
email: aes@aes.ca