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aes International Consultants Inc. covenants to provide and perform, for and on behalf of the Owner, and with the Owners, full approval the following services:

  1. Review proposed location of development and assess it for:
    • Suitable and practical concept.
    • Market sources and potential.
    • Connection to existing facilities, if applicable.
  2. Develop an overall concept in accordance with previous research.
  3. Review pros and cons of operating within a franchise.
  4. Prepare a total detailed feasibility study to present to lenders.
  5. Assist to obtain financing and term leasing through private and government sources for the proposed development.
  6. Provide suitable architect to develop architectural drawings for the proposed concept ready for tendering.
  7. Work with architect through all stages of design.
  8. Provide a suitable general contractor for construction management.
  9. Work with interior designer and guide them to produce a suitable design by ensuring durable quality and practicality for service.
  10. Co-supervise construction and installation of furnishings, fixtures and equipment.
  11. *Review and help to develop spin-off economic benefits from the operation.
  12. Arrange for purchasing of all furnishings (as per interior design plan).
  13. Purchase laundry equipment sized for capacity, speed and endurance.
  14. Select computer hardware and software for the facility in co-ordination with all other point of sale systems.
  15. Select telephone switchboard system.
  16. Select cable vision supplier.
  17. *Arrange for Internet connection for every room.
  18. Arrange purchasing of all televisions.
  19. Arrange purchasing of all linen for hotel operation.
  20. Arrange logo (insignia) design for the operation.
  21. Arrange for design and production of all necessary stationery.
  22. Pick out and purchase all dining room and lounge silverware, glassware and flatware.
  23. Provide a "custom label" supply list for housekeeping and arrange for supplier.
  24. Prepare food menus for dining room, lounge, room service and functions.
  25. Prepare liquor menus for lounge and dining room.
  26. Arrange for printing of all menus.
  27. Evaluate all human resource requirements and appropriate salaries.
  28. *Seek out and hire, with approval, a General Manager, Marketing Director, Chef and all other department heads and staff.
  29. Develop dress code (uniform policy).
  30. Produce or adopt a policy manual for use by all hotel employees in accordance with national standards.
  31. Produce operating manuals for:
    • Front desk
    • Bellhop service
    • Housekeeping
    • Dining room
    • Lounge
    • Maintenance
  32. Train all employees in groups for their appropriate positions.
  33. Provide, with the co-operation of the Chef, a listing of all kitchen utensils and hand tools.
  34. Oversee in-house accounting systems to be setup to ensure that the owner will get detailed monthly operating statements and daily sales reports.
  35. Supervise the line-up of supplier’s network for all departments of the operation.
  36. Arrange for freestanding and all interior signage.
  37. *Develop total marketing plan for operation.
  38. Establish pricing for hotel rooms and function areas.
  39. Arrange for membership to American Automobile Association.
  40. *Prepare promotional material for CD rom.
  41. *Arrange a web site for hotel.
  42. Arrange for pre-opening advertising.
  43. *Arrange for preparation of hotel brochure.
  44. *Arrange for production of an in-house video.
  45. Arrange for highway signage or co-ordinate if some in existence.
  46. Review and incorporate live entertainment.
  47. Arrange accounts for the hotel with major credit card companies.
  48. Assist and guide permanent management to a smooth and organized startup.
  49. The consultant to use its knowledge and experience in all aspects to ensure an orderly, organized, successful development and to provide guidance for the early days of the operation.


All purchasing and services will be based on a minimum of three quotes. Price and quality will be the deciding factor in awarding the contract.

If the owner wishes to retain the consultants’ management services for a limited time period after development is complete, they may exercise this option under a separate agreement.

Estimated time of development from conceptual to operating will be detailed and time lines will be followed.


  *Value added service

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