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Untitled-2s.gif (3251 bytes) Neeghani Consultants
Pine Falls Manitoba
Untitled-3s.gif (5289 bytes) Canadian Foresters
Curling Championship

Regina Saskatewan
Untitled-4s.gif (8321 bytes) Agassiz Park Lodge
McCreary, Manitoba
Untitled-5s.gif (2667 bytes) The Hot Potato Ltd.
London, England
Untitled-6s.gif (3766 bytes) Vesleka Ukrainian Dance Ass.
Edmonton, Alberta
Untitled-7s.gif (2969 bytes) Danube Patisserie Co. Ltd.
Surrey, British Columbia
Untitled-8s.gif (3622 bytes) Grants of Corydon
Untitled-9s.gif (1848 bytes) RCA
Smith Falls, Ontario
Untitled-10s.gif (1464 bytes) HMCS Griffon
Thunder Bay, Ontario
Untitled-11s.gif (3838 bytes) Canada Post
Ottawa, Ontario
Untitled-12s.gif (1905 bytes) Molson Brewery
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Untitled-13s.gif (4603 bytes) Parkland Sports Council
Dauphin, Manitoba
Untitled-14s.gif (5879 bytes) Ontario Professional Fire Fighters Assoc.
Ottawa, Ontario
Untitled-15s.gif (508 bytes) International Lions Club
Smith Falls, Ontario
Untitled-16s.gif (4405 bytes) Maitoba Hotel Association
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Untitled-17s.gif (4182 bytes) Statistics Canada
Ottawa, Ontario
Untitled-18s.gif (1837 bytes) Maryland Motor Hotel
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Untitled-20s.gif (11586 bytes) Food Service & Hospitality Magazine
Untitled-22s.gif (20682 bytes) B.C. Hotelman


a.e.s. International Consultants Inc.
#5 - 3861 Ness Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
R2Y 1T3
Ph. (204) 889-7943 Fx. (204) 837-7166
email: aes@aes.ca